Social mortgage loan: Social mortgage concept

You benefit from modest incomes and you have difficulties to obtain a traditional mortgage loan. Don’t panic, the “housing for all” social mortgage loan is made for you. Our lawyer explains the advantages of such a loan. The social mortgage loan is a loan granted by the Good Lenders Credit ( more… )

Can we increase the amount of a loan in progress?

A loan, whether for consumer or real estate, can sometimes require a boost when its amount is found to be less than the project’s financing need. Since all credits cannot be extended, several solutions exist today to make up for this lack of funding. Increase an existing loan When a ( more… )

Find out a home improvement loan

  Find out how to get a home loan and finance the work yourself, while enjoying the best rates. Can you get a mortgage with work yourself? Many people choose to buy old buildings or have them build their own, real estate acquisition projects that take time but also require ( more… )

Home loan with 30,000 dollars contribution

    The contribution plays an important role in a home loan, either in terms of the amount borrowed, or in terms of interest saved. Here’s how to get a great rate. 30,000 dollars contribution for a real estate project When the borrower wishes to access the property, he must ( more… )